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Your Wood Structure Specialists

Born to innovate, we excel at finding new ways to help our partners build faster, stronger and better structures.

With locations across Western Canada and the Southern States, ZyTech proudly offers one of the most diverse and extensive ranges of building products and services on the market.

Your Wood Structure Specialists!

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Our Products

We offer one of the most diverse and extensive range of building products available. Trust your wood structure specialists.

The Markets We Serve

With over 25 years of experience, our team of specialist engineers and designers are well versed in delivering outstanding service and top-end products for a range of markets and building types.

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Single Family Homes 

Our unique team of technical sales representatives have what it takes to provide you with all your residential structural needs. From a one-time custom home-builder, to large Major Tract Builders, we supply it all, providing high quality building materials to help build your project from top to bottom. Count on our meticulous review process and experienced staff that ensure you receive a great product coupled with exceptional customer service. 

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Multi-Family Homes 

ZyTech recognizes the differences between projects. As a result, We have a dedicated team that specialize in larger construction projects including multi-family home builds. ZyTech is committed to excellence and we will work closely with your building team to ensure proper initiation, planning, design, delivery and monitoring while you move through the structural building phase of your project. 

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Have you ever seen a 100 foot truss? At ZyTech, we are able to customize your agricultural structure with trusses up to 100 feet in length for a variety of agricultural and farm applications.  Machine sheds, processing facilities, farms and animal houses - we have all of the building materials needed to complete your structure and the know-how to help you get the job done. 

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Commercial Property 

We understand that time is money, and quality is everything for commercial builders. That’s why ZyTech is committed to delivering exceptional service and smart solutions to keep commercial  projects on track and on budget.  Whether you’re planning the build of a retail unit, office block, hotel or restaurant, ZyTech is the commercial builder's trusted partner. 

Our Services

We offer in-house design and engineering services and a comprehensive fleet of trucks and trailers for all your delivery needs.

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    Our in-house design services for residential and commercial wood-frame construction make things simple.

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  • Engineering v2

    From structural design to on-site inspections, ZyTech offers a full lineup of engineering services.

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  • Delivery v2

    We are equipped with a comprehensive fleet of trucks and trailers capable of handling all of your delivery needs across Western Canada and Southern US.

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